Importance of Visionary Leadership and Educational Management

When the literature is examined, the concept of leadership is one of the important issues in the field of management today, but in fact it is in the center of attention of social scientists in every period of history and it is one of the concepts that are acquired and discussed as the subject of research. The rapid changes that have marked the 21st century have led to paradigm shifts in the structure and management understanding of educational institutions. This change and transformation has also dramatically changed the roles of the leaders who run the school. In the researches on leadership, great importance has been given to the field of "visionary leadership" since the 1990s. In contemporary leadership approaches, leadership is divided into many groups. Since the concept of "visionary leader" creates a more inclusive, future-oriented alternative and is inspiring, "Its Importance in Visionary Leadership and Educational Management" is discussed in this article as a qualitative research method, "document review method". The study consists of four parts. Printed works, articles, theses and researches were used as sources. Thus, firstly, the definitional approaches to the concept of vision and leadership in the context of vision, followed by the characteristics and roles of the visionary leader; Finally, the importance of visionary leadership in educational management was examined. In general, a general evaluation of visionary leadership was made.


Leadership, Vision, Visionary Leadership