The Effect of Master's Degree Administrators in Educational Administration on the Success of the School

Managers with a master's degree have a better education and leadership knowledge. Therefore, they can be more effective in the management of the school and increase the success of the school. In addition, master's programs can give administrators a better analytical thinking, problem solving, strategic planning, and resource management skills. These skills can help them become more effective in the management of the school and increase the success of the school. This can help administrators better manage the school's budget, resources, staff, and other critical factors. However, it should be noted that having a master's degree alone is not enough. The impact of administrators on school achievement depends as much on leadership skills, experience, consistency and ability to collaborate as it does on a master's degree. Therefore, when assessing the impact of a master's degree in educational administration on the success of a school, it is important to take into account the competencies of the individual and the context in which they operate. In this article, a literature search was conducted on which components of the Master's Degree in Educational Administration Administrators are effective in the success of the School. Since this article includes discussions about whether education and experience alone is sufficient for administrators who are doing a master's degree in the field of education, it is thought that it will guide the researchers who will work in this field in the future.


leadership, school administrators, school achievement, master's degree