This study aims to systematically compile scientific studies on "environmental education of pre-school children" published in Turkey between 2010 and 2023. A qualitative research method and document review model has been used in the study. Considering the ease of access and inclusiveness, 51 scientific articles and master's theses have been identified in the searches performed in the Google Academic database, which met the inclusion criteria of the research. These scientific studies have been examined and analyzed according to the year they were published, sample size, sample group, research method, data collection tool, keywords, topics and results. The findings of the study have showed that the number of scientific studies published on environmental education of preschool children increased significantly in 2017, peaked in 2019, and decreased after this year, falling to half of the number in 2019 in 2022. It has been understood that scientific studies on environmental education of preschool children focus more on pre-school children, preschool teachers and pre-school teacher candidates as the sample group, but less on the parents of preschool children and the programs/documents used in pre-school environmental education. The sample size of the studies has been found to be lower than it should be in quantitative studies. The sample size of the studies has been found to be lower than it should be in quantitative studies. It has been determined that quantitative research methods were used the most in the studies, followed by qualitative and mixed methods. The data of the studies were mainly collected by questionnaire technique and the most frequently used scales were environmental attitude scales, ecological awareness/sensitivity scales and environmental behavior scales. It has been concluded that 76 different keywords were used in the studies and the most frequently used words were preschool education, environment/nature education, preschool children, preschool teachers and environmental attitude. In the findings of the studies, it was noted that pre-school children, parents of children, teachers and teacher candidates attach importance to environmental education, but they are not at the desired level in terms of environmental knowledge, awareness, attitude and behavior and they need to be developed.

Anahtar Kelimeler

preschool, environmental education, child, teacher, systematic review