Globalization means the removal of borders between different regions of the world with the development of information and communication technologies. Globalization in education emphasizes these principles that are necessary for individuals to be effective and successful in the global world. Continuous learning, access to information, collaboration and respect for cultural diversity are the cornerstones of education in a globalizing world. It should be integrated into education systems in order to support individuals to be effective and successful not only in their own countries but also in the global world. In this way, individuals can both ensure their personal development and produce more effective and sustainable solutions to global problems. In this article, the concept of globalization is discussed in the context of education and some dimensions of globalization in education are mentioned. Some of the problems that come with globalization are described. In addition, some important changes in the education process in the global era are included.

Anahtar Kelimeler

Globalization, Education, Education, School