Fuzzy Control Based Resource Planning for Fog Computing

Fog Computing is adopted, which enhances the exchange of confidential information to distributed systems without interruption. Fog is identical to cloud computing; however, the only difference is that it is accessible to the data owners to manage and reply to the user in less time. Furthermore, it is useful for broadcasting applications in real-time, sensor networks, the Internet-of-Things demanding the maximum network performance, and the Internet's trustworthiness. One of the critical features of fog computing is resource distribution. In this paper, researchers introduced a lightweight of resources management for fog computing. Initially, the author normalizes the characteristics of resource management and normalize the data. Next, fog computing recommends a dynamic method for scheduling resources based on the fuzzy logic controller theory. Outcomes demonstrate that the proposed method enhances cloud computing's resources management efficiency and quality of service.


fog computing, resource scheduling, task scheduling, fuzzy control