Osman Bedrüddin Erzurumi is one of the most important sufis who has dedicated his life to education. He has been well educated and has begun education at a young age. Thanks to his ingenuity, he has come a long way in a short time. He has never preferred comfort, he has worked day and night to instruct people. His contribution to the national struggle was taken into account by the people around him, and in this sense he built a throne in hearts. For many years, he has been a battalion imam and has taken the nickname "Imam Efendi". Later, he met Sheikh Mahmud Sa'mini and engaged him. After retiring with the permission of his hodja, he settled in Harput and continued his duty of act of showing the true path mandate until the end of his life. The works titled "Sohbetler" and "Mektûbât" were also composed from the notes kept from the conversations which he made for the people to instruct. Osman Bedrüddin Efendi is a scholar who both acts with his education and reflects on his life, and has set an example for people. He is one of the most important people who has taken a task himself to illuminate the people with his education and guide them to the true path. Imam Efendi used many methods to do this. I tried to explain these methods by giving examples of his works.

Anahtar Kelimeler

Osman Bedrüddin Erzurumi, Act of showing the true path, method, international education, Harput