In this study, sports sponsorship, which is one of the most important financial elements of the sports world, is discussed. Sports sponsorship is a dynamic field that offers many opportunities to both sports organizations and brands. Today, sports sponsorship, which is considered as an effective marketing tool for the goals of brands such as reaching their target audience by establishing a relationship with sports, increasing brand awareness and creating consumer loyalty, has also become an important supporter of the financial resources of the sports world. In this study, starting from the definition of sports sponsorship, we will touch on its history and development process. We will also discuss the benefits of sports sponsorship, the value and impact it provides for brands and sports organizations. We will also provide practical information on how to successfully implement this important marketing strategy, which enables brands to establish emotional bonds with their target audience, reach large audiences and strengthen their brand image by using the power and popularity of sports. This study aims to be a comprehensive resource for anyone interested in sports sponsorship. It is a basic guide for those who want to understand the financial dynamics of the sports world and learn more about brand management.

Anahtar Kelimeler

Sponsorship, Sports Sponsorship, GSGM