Visionary Leadership in Education: The Decisive Role of Organizations in Achieving Goals

Visionary leadership is one of the types of leadership that aims to achieve the goals set within organized structures in the most appropriate way. This understanding of leadership differs from other leadership concepts with its creativity and foresight ability, especially by incorporating various characteristics that include personal differences. Visionary leadership plays a key role in achieving the goals of organizations in accordance with their mission and vision. By adopting this leadership style, leaders have the ability to predict the future situation of their organizations and make strategic decisions accordingly. In this way, organizations have the opportunity to evaluate not only the current situation, but also their future potential. Visionary leadership stands out as an important element for organizations to be successful. Especially in the education sector, the role of visionary leaders is critical in terms of providing a more effective education to students, moving educational institutions to a competitive advantage and directing the sector. In this context, understanding the importance of the concept of visionary leadership in education will be an important step to increase the success of leaders in this field. This article focuses on a research that will address how visionary leadership manifests itself, especially in the education sector, and the important role of leaders in this process.


education, visionary leadership, visionary leadership in education