Factors Affecting Electronic Commerce in Türkiye (Determining Factors)

The rapid development of technological developments, especially computer and internet technologies, has contributed greatly to the formation of the information society. As a result of these changes, it has enabled individuals and therefore businesses to trade by using the internet effectively, and electronic commerce (E-Commerce), a new concept in world economies, has emerged. With the widespread use of the Internet, a trade system that creates distribution channels with the network system between cities, districts, towns and businesses and removes borders has emerged. In the globalized economy as a result of technological developments, domestic and foreign trade activities are of great importance for both consumers and companies. Companies and consumers need to adapt to these developments in the Internet and technology. In today's business environment, it is an undeniable fact that e-commerce companies that want to be successful in domestic and foreign trade should utilize the internet in the most effective way in their activities.


trade, E-commerce, consumer