Use of Assistive Technology in Special Education

It is known that there is a universal struggle for the education of students with special needs. While meeting the needs of these individuals, different models, methods and techniques are used. Although different methods are used, there are also obligations that should be used that are not different since common needs do not change. Education, development and motivation of students with special needs are the basic elements that cause this necessity. When the ages we live in are considered as the age of innovation, the developments in the field of information and technology are clearly felt in the field of education as well as in every field. The main purpose of this study is to investigate the requirements of the use of technology, which is digital support in the field of special education, which is one of the topics of education. It will be examined how the use of technology that can contribute to the development of special education students with special needs in inclusive and inclusive education is done in the current ages.


Special education, technology in special education, assistive technology