Although the modern understanding of science proves that individuals learn in different ways, individual patterns are in our institutions; Based on misunderstood beliefs, from education to the workforce, he continues to believe that statistical averages are sufficient to understand individuals and describe their unique abilities. Taking into account documents such as standardized tests, grading, creating a resume for job application, differences in institutions and organizations are ignored in performance reviews and as a result, they fail to measure their success capacity. In the study, the role of artificial intelligence and biotechnology in the reshaping and design of education is emphasized in order to show how the potential of the world and everyone can be rethought by focusing on individual findings rather than group findings or averages related to the science of the individual. In this study, the reflections of book evaluations on the education system are discussed in the context of recent developments in education. In this context, it is thought that this study will contribute to the thinking of how to make learning processes more effective by questioning the traditional education paradigm.

Anahtar Kelimeler

21st century, education, end of average, technology-enabled learning