The concept of vision is the most ideal form of a method of gaze. Especially in institutional structures, the perspectives interpreted by the leaders can mobilize the masses afterwards. The importance of the concept of visionary leadership in all organizational structures is known, but since the place of visionary leadership in education affects the social structure, the place of visionary leadership in education is examined in this study. This study also highlights the importance of visionary leadership in the effective management of educational institutions. Because education is an ever-changing field, it is necessary for leaders to embrace change and adopt innovative approaches. Visionary leadership plays an important role in the transformation process of educational institutions by fostering change. This leadership style allows educational institutions to remain flexible and offer a better education to students. In this study, the definition of visionary leadership and its role in education are examined and the importance of the subject is revealed. Therefore, it is important to encourage and support visionary leadership in educational administration.

Anahtar Kelimeler

education, vision, visionary leader, visionary leadership in education