This article discusses the importance of the school-based management approach in education and its relationship with supervision. The school-based management approach envisages giving more autonomy and authority to schools rather than central management in education. This approach aims to improve student achievement and the overall performance of the school by increasing the self-management capacities of schools. In this article, the basic principles and benefits of the school-based management approach are examined in detail. Among these principles, concepts such as decentralization, participatory decision-making, autonomy and accountability come to the fore. It is emphasized that the school-based management approach encourages the participation of teachers, students and parents and improves the quality of education. It is emphasized that the audit process is also an important element of this approach. It is noted that audits are a powerful tool for monitoring the performance of schools, assessing educational standards and supporting school development. In this context, the importance of internal audit and external audit mechanisms is emphasized.

Anahtar Kelimeler

school-based management, supervision, school