While education contains many elements, some areas require more serious examination. One of these areas is the special education area. While special education has recently come up with many positive results, it also encounters the problems it encounters while turning into a new and increasingly important professional field. Special education schools are institutions where students with various disabilities are educated. The administrators working in these schools are responsible for ensuring the overall functioning of the school and ensuring that the students receive the best education. However, the motivation of administrators is an important factor that directly affects the success of schools. Factors such as job satisfaction, adequacy of support and resources, professional development opportunities, work-life balance, corporate culture and leadership style directly affect the motivation levels of managers. Knowing and improving these factors is critical to improving the overall success of special education schools. By shaping educational policies and practices in this direction, the motivation of the administrators and thus the overall performance of the school can be increased. This article examines the dynamics that affect the motivation of managers working in special education schools.

Anahtar Kelimeler

education, special education, special education managers, motivation