Innovative Approaches and Practices in Increasing the Professional Competencies of Teachers

Education reveals the general level of development of a society. The managers of these values, which reveal social development in a concrete way, are also educators. The competencies of these teachers, who shape social values, and their studies on professional development are a matter of curiosity. Increasing the professional competencies of teachers is vital for improving the quality of education and supporting students' achievements. Technology integration plays an important role in education and improves students' learning experiences by enriching teachers' course content. In addition, professional learning communities (PLCs) are an important method that encourages teachers to collaborate and share their experiences and receive professional support. These communities support teachers to learn from each other and to improve continuously. Mentoring and coaching programs provide the transfer of knowledge and experience between experienced teachers and new teachers, and action research stands out as applied research carried out by teachers to solve the problems they encounter in their classrooms. Continuing professional development programs help teachers update their professional knowledge and skills. These innovative approaches and practices are effective in increasing teachers' professional competencies, and their integration into the education system allows teachers to become professionally empowered and provide more effective training. This article examines the innovative approaches and practices used to improve teachers' professional competencies.


teacher competencies, teacher professional development, adaptation to the technological age